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Residents feel safe and clean

Residents in Hertford feel clean and safe according to the results of a council survey.

East Herts Council has published the results of a survey carried out last year. The results show that 94% of people living in the district felt safe during the day and 79% felt safe in their local area after dark.

A total of 4,085 surveys were sent out to a random selection of households.

Council leader Tony Jackson said: “East Herts Council is providing excellent services and the proof is in the high scores produced from our independently conducted survey.

“Our task now is to continue to build on these great results by providing quality services while achieving value for money.”

The results also showed 74% of people were satisfied with the parks and open spaces and just 17% of those surveyed said they were not satisfied with the cleanliness of the streets. The number of residents who felt litter was a problem fell from 33% to 29%.

A total of 40% of people said they would like to find out about the council through the internet and three quarters of the respondents said they were satisfied with refuse collections and recycling services.

A spokesperson for the council said: “Of course there are a few areas for improvement too and we’ll be looking at these to see what we can do.

“However many of them i.e. health services, wage levels and the cost of living and job prospects, are not directly provided by the council so we’ll be consulting with our partners on future action.”


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