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Recycling success

The Highland public is being congratulated after it was announced that residents have been recycling more than 40% of their waste.

The Highland Council has achieved a recycling rate of more than 40 per cent for the first time. The amount of waste the public is discarding has declined and the standard of recycled materials has improved.

The recycling rate from April to September was recorded at 41%. The council says breaking the 40% barrier is seen has a huge achievement and a significant milestone.

Councillor John Laing, chairman of the council’s transport environmental and community services, said: “The public deserves a huge thank you for responding so readily and effectively to our recycling messages to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

“Not only is the amount of waste sent to landfill down by more than 11%, but the amount being recycled has increased by over 3%. So we have a win:win situation.

“On top of this the quality of the materials being recycled is of the very highest quality and highly marketable.

“So the public deserve our sincerest thanks and the message is keep up the great work and help us sustain the improved performance.”

Compared to last year, there has been a reduction in landfill waste of 11.6%; an increase of over 3% in the amount of material sent for recycling and a 5% increase in the amount of glass collected at the recycling points.

The Scottish Government has set a target of 70% of all waste to be recycled by 2025.

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