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Stevie Caffrey: miracle after heart repairs itself during coma

A woman who was in coma no longer needs a heart transplant after her heart miraculously healed itself.

20 year old Stevie Caffrey had forgotten that she had a baby when she awoke from her coma. She had only spent 10 days with her newborn daughter Maisie when she suddenly collapsed on her bathroom floor.

Due to a rare condition, her heart and kidneys were shutting down and doctors had to put her in a coma in order to save her life.

When Stevie woke up from the four week coma she had no recollection of giving birth and did not recognise her boyfriend Andy Stafford.

She was elated when her memory was jogged and but her celebratory mood was short lived when she was told by doctors at the Wythenshawe Hospital that she needed a heart transplant.

She was told that the surgery could not happen until she became stronger as it would almost definitely not be a success in her weak state.

Stevie suffered from peripartum caridomyopathy which affects only one in 15,000 mums.

She was put on a waiting list and had a ventricular assist system inserted into the left side of her heart to help it function. Against all odds, her heart started to heal itself and medical staff were left stunned by the discovery.

Stevie has now been taken off the transplant list and the pump system has been removed.

Stevie said: “I went in for tests to see how my heart was performing and I was expecting the worst. I was prepared to be told I still needed a heart transplant.

“But then the doctor said he had some fantastic news I no longer needed a transplant and I was extremely lucky.

“I couldn’t believe it, I felt like crying because I was so happy.”

“When I had the pump in my body I couldn’t take Maisie swimming because it’s electrical – so that’s the thing I’m most looking forward to doing.

“I love being a mum. Maisie is a brilliant baby and I feel so lucky to be well again.”

Transplant director at Wythenshawe Hospital Prof Nizar Yonan, who carried out the operation, said: “Stevie is an incredibly lucky young woman. What has happened to her only happens very rarely.”

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