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Loyal Employee Retires

Loyal employee Peter Edwards has said goodbye after working for the same company for nearly 50 years.

Mr Edwards retired from Moulton Park-based food wrapper printing company FFP Packaging Solutions after starting work there as an apprentice when he left school.

When he said goodbye on his final day, he had clocked up 49 years and seven months for the firm.

He said: “I’m quite apprehensive about leaving. Having been here such a long time, this company has been my life. I’m going to be doing absolutely nothing for a few weeks, then I’ll take stock.

“It hasn’t hit me yet. I thought it might today, walking around saying goodbye to everybody, but it hasn’t yet. I think it will seem like a holiday for a few weeks and then it’ll hit me when I suddenly realise I don’t have to come back.

“It’s been a very good company and I’ve enjoyed my years here.”

Mr Edwards, 65, started working for the company in 1961 when it was called John Waddington. He was an apprentice printer at the time, but went on to become a laboratory technician.

The company and staff members gave him gift vouchers and a collection as a retirement present.

Managing director Kevan Berresford said: “I have been here 27 years and first knew Peter when he was a printer in our premium press at the time.

“I always found him very helpful and cooperative, wanting to get a good job done. Peter has always been one of the reliable guys and a pleasure to work with.”


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