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£1.8m lotto windfall for Forty Hall

Nearly £2 million has been donated by the Heritage Lottery Fund for the restoration of Forty Hall in North London.

The £1.8m will be spent on restoring the site of the Tudor building Elsyng Palace, landscape management, improved access to the grounds, a new playground and a bridge across Maidens Brook.

The money was awarded to the project after weeks of negotiating between the Heritage Lottery Fund and Enfield Council. Originally it was expected that local tax payers would have to pay for the £2m restoration, but now they will only have to contribute 200,000 for the renovations.
The project has also been given an additional £2m by the Heritage Lottery Fund to redo the interior of Forty Hall, which is a Jacobean mansion.

Enfield’s cabinet member for environment, Chris Bond, said: “It was very difficult to secure the money and there was a lot of negotiating going on. But we really wanted this because the National Lottery has done very little in the borough. This is the only park in Enfield to have been given this sort of funding.”

Mr Bon will be urging Transport For London to intoroduce a new bus route that will take visitors straight up to the hall: “We want to be able to get visitors there from Edmonton, we would like it to be more accessible,” he added.

“Getting this money is a good thing for the people of Enfield and I am very proud of this borough.”

The Forty Hall renovation is scheduled to be completed in spring or summer 2012.

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