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Jim Carter backs Boris Bikes for Hampstead and Highgate

Jim Carter, the star of Downtown Abbey, has joined the campaign to get the Mayor of London to bring his bicycle scheme to Hampstead and Highgate.

Mr Carter, who plays butler Carson in the smash hit show, lives in West Hampstead and believes that the rental bikes are a “wonderful invention” that should be extended from King’s Cross to the rest of the Camden area in North West London.

The enthusiastic cyclist said: “They are very popular and anything that gets people out of cars and on their bikes is good.

“I had a feeling that the reason they weren’t in Hampstead was because the hill might put people off, but the bikes might encourage people to cycle down the hill and to work.”

He added his voice to the campaign after many people have called for the iconic bikes to come to the “Northern Heights” of Hampstead and Highgate.

There are a group of bikes docked in King’s Cross and there are plans for them to come to Camden Town, but so far the Mayor has not told of any plans to extend them further north.

Frank Harding, of the Heath and Hampstead Society, said: “As a personal view I think it is an excellent idea to extend the bikes. I have been complaining quietly that they haven’t been up in Hampstead for some time.

“There will be a lot of people who use them. I am not sure that many people will ride back up the hill but they will certainly ride down.

“In Paris people get up to the top of Montmartre on their bikes, so it we shouldn’t let the hills put us off. You cannot park a car in Hampstead, so maybe you can park a bike.”

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