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Hand challenge for hospital visitors

Hospital visitors were challenged to see how clean their hands were as part of a drive to fight infections.

The campaign was run by staff at George Eliot Hospital, in Nuneaton, in an aim to spread awareness of germs and good hand hygiene.

Staff, patients and visitors were invited to enter a stand and put their hands into a special ultra-violet machine to see if they had washed them properly.

Members of the hospital’s infection team then gave advice on the best way to clean hands and prevent infections. The event was held as part of Global Hand Hygiene Day.

Infection Prevention Lead Nurse Pat Hutchinson said: “We’ve made huge improvements in tackling infection rates over recent years but it is vital that we all maintain this high standard.

“Good hand hygiene is the simplest and one of the most effective ways of tackling infections and it is important that we keep promoting best practice.

“Good hand hygiene is not just important in hospitals but also in homes and workplaces to help restrict the spread of infection, so hopefully everyone will learn something valuable.”

She said the hospital had achieved large reductions in infections in recent years, including reporting only one case of healthcare associated MRSA bloodstream bacteraemia in two years.

The event was also held in response to a study in the British Medical Journal highlighting that the amount of soap and alcohol hand gel being used by the NHS had trebled in recent years in response to Clean Your Hands campaign. This increase coincided with a drop in infections.


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