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Big break for Carly

Oldham local Carly Tarett, a multiskilled performer and playwright is set to showcase some of her first creations.

Carly first caught the performing bug when she took up acting classes with Judith Barker at the Oldham Coliseum before she went to hone her craft at the Oxford School of Drama. She is also a keen performer with the Manchester Improvisational Comedy Troupe.

Carly has written two productions that she hopes will show off her writing talents as well.

Carly said: “I didn’t start performing until my mid 20s, then when I was performing in Canada and saw other people writing, I really wanted to have a go. I’d always wanted to do it, I was just waiting for something to inspire me.”

“Princess Dee: The Diana Story Retold” is Carly’s first prodiction as a playwright and tells the story of Dee. In the play Dee catches the eye of Charlie, the most eligible bachelor in the land, but can Dee cope with his powerful and slightly odd family? The script-in-hand performance will be part of the Oldham Coliseum’s Wordsmith festival and will be performed by the Coliseum’s drama group, “Acting Lab”, at Oldham Library.

Talking about the show, Carly says: “I set it in a working-class environment to show the story could happen to all women and tried to make it understandable to all women. Plus, who doesn’t find the Royal Family fascinating?”

Her second play, “Sinful”, is a set of seven comedy shorts that are based on the seven deadly sins. They include a short about an exasperated fitness instructor for a group of doughnut-eaters, to a classroom assistant with an unorthodox take on education. Carly will perform all of the wicked for over-18s only monologues at Studio Salford.

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