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Rainham lizard mix-up appeal

An error at Cold Blooded Pet Store’s holiday service in Dagenham has left Robert and Terri Hills without their bearded dragons, Ruby and Lily. The couple was devastated when they came home to find that their lizards had wrongly been given to someone else.

Mr. Hills, 28, said: “For us it was the fact that we’d had these lizards for so many years that they’d become part of the family. Our two-year-old daughter was really attached to them as well. It would have been on May 20 that the person walked away with it. We’re just hoping they’ll read this and realise.”

Ruby and Lily are 2 ft long and have had the tops of their tails taken off. One has an orange face while the other has a light green face.

Paul Rose, owner of the pet store where the lizards were left has apologised and said that this is the first time that a mix-up has happened in the store’s 18 year history.

The man who took the lizards was in his 30s, white and had short cropped hair. His lizards are still in the store.

If you have any information about the lizards, call 020 8477 3796.


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