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Scrap becomes sculptures during riveting day

Jim Bond, a star of Scrapheap Challenge, helped Axholme Academy students in Scunthorpe create modern metal sculptures on a visit to the school.

Jim specialises in metal sculpting and helped students create innovative designs and their own masterpieces.

Teams from across the school developed their own designs and Jim chose two to be made in full.

The students then used riveted copper and stainless steel rods to bring the metal sculptures to life.

Jim has appeared on Scrapheap Challenge as an expert advisor and said that he was impressed by the skills that the students demonstrated.

He said: “They have been really good to work with, and have shown so much enthusiasm and desire to learn.

“They physically made all of the copper and steel rods in the school’s workshop, and I was surprised and impressed by the facilities the academy has. There aren’t many places that will be able to do this sort of work on site, and these students are very lucky indeed.

“I think the students have gained a strong understanding of how things are actually made. They will be able to appreciate the materials and work that is involved in constructing something, and they can apply new skills to future careers.”

The second place design was a copper and steel creation mounted on 2.5foot steel base. It has been given pride of place at the school building’s main entrance.

It was created by year ten students Mitch Mason, Sam Shipman and Jake Gowlett.

Jake, 14, said: “At first we made a little sculpture, and we learnt how to make the full-size one in the workshop. Some of the skills we learned, like braising, riveting and drilling, are things that we have in the bag for the future.

“I want to go into the building trade, so this experience has given me a taste of what it might be like.”

The winning sculpture was made by year tens Ellie Valentine, Laura Clarke-Hill and Rowena Hill who created a steel hand holding a copper sphere.

Ellie, 15, said: “The sculpture is designed to represent different things to different people. For us it represents the school giving us a world of opportunity.

“We were elated when we heard it was the winning design, and we have picked up some new skills when making it. We were taught by Jim to weld and braise things, and also figured out the electronics of our design. Jim and our teachers have shown us a lot of things we didn’t know before.”

The winning sculpture is on display in the school’s entrance hall.

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