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Artist hopes to help Scooby Doo

Caricaturist to the stars, Richard Smith, has offered to create a piece of work for homeless dog Scooby Doo in an attempt to find him a new owner.

Richard, of Rich Smith Illustration, in Sheffield, will draw a caricature of the dog and his new owner for free once he has found a new home. He hopes the offer will highlight the plight of the Scooby Doo lookalike, who has been at the RSPCA Sheffield branch for over a year.

The artist has drawn caricatures for many famous people, including Justin Lee Collins and Britain’s Got Talent star Sophie Mei.

He said: “I am delighted to be given the chance to draw Scooby Doo and his new owner for free once Scooby has settled in his new home.

“I was very sad to hear that Scooby has been with RSPCA Sheffield branch for so long. He is such a cute dog but for some unknown reason, people keep passing by him.

“Perhaps they are looking for a smaller dog. But there is nothing wrong with Scooby and he deserves a new start in life. If the new owner sends or emails me a photo of them with Scooby Doo, once he has settled into his new home, I would be delighted to produce them an original, hand drawn caricature.”

The RSPCA in Sheffield is also keen to find a home for a bubbly dog known as Miss Piggy.

The dog, a tri-colour mix beagle and Staffordshire bull terrier, is described as a super-friendly dog who loves human company.

Animal care manager Tony Benham said: “She may not be the most beautiful dog in the world, but Piggy’s incredibly sweet nature really shines through.

“She is one of those dogs that everyone goes to instantly fuss and she forms a real bond with people.

“There is no doubt she will return the love in spades. She would respond fantastically to training as she likes to play and learn new things.”


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