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Student home after perilous mountain climb

Student Becky Bellworthy has told of how she climbed Mount Everest on the night that it claimed four lives.

Becky, of Romsey, has returned to her studies at Southampton University after climbing the mountain to raise money for charity.

The 20-year-old became the youngest woman to reach the top of the mountain before her younger friend reached the summit the following day.

A total of four other climbers died on the night Becky and her team made it to the top.

She said: “It’s pretty harrowing because it could have been anyone really, but equally it’s expected, it happens every year and you know you are in the same predicament and it could happen to you.

“Everyone feels hugely fortunate that luck was in their favour.

“I just feel very fortunate to get the opportunity. It’s something that I’m going to remember for the rest of my life.

“I wouldn’t say I have conquered it. You wait until it lets you crawl up the side of it, you sneak to the top and get down as fast as you can. You are very much at the mountain’s mercy.”

It is the second time Becky has tried to scale Mount Everest. Her attempt last year was cut short when she suffered from altitude sickness. This time around she suffered from minor frostbite in her feet, but was able to recover.

Becky took part in the challenge to raise money for Women for Women, which helps female survivors of war rebuild their lives. She is now planning to swim the English Channel.


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