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Marathon runner collapses 20 times

Epilepsy sufferer Simone Clarke ran the London Marathon despite being struck down by 20 seizures along the route.

Simone, 39, from Southampton, took part in the 26-mile event in April with the help of her running mate Tally Hall.

The pair were expecting Simone to suffer a few seizures on the way round, as she normally has around four a day, but they were not expecting her to collapse 20 times.

Tally, 27, was by Simone’s side to catch her and bring her safely round each time she became unconscious and fell.

Simone said: “By the time we got to 15 miles I was in tears because I was so annoyed we had lost the pace.

“But by that stage I had already had lots of fits and I was still standing so I thought ‘stuff it, I’m just going to finish it’ and kept going.

“It’s all thanks to Tally. Without her I would never have been able to do it.”

Simone took part in the event to raise money for the Epileptic Society. She raised a total of £800.

She had her first seizure about eight miles into the race and, after leaving her medicine behind, she went on to have 19 more fits.

Tally, who attends the Southampton Running Sisters with Simone, said: “I was expecting Simone to have a couple of seizures but I wasn’t expecting a constant battle of seizures and running. I have never known her be that bad before.”

Angie King, of the Epilepsy Society, said: “Simone is unique and to us an absolute star.”

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