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Community heroes are rewarded

Community champions have been given awards to thank them for helping others.

The Civic Awards were organised by Lambeth Council at Lambeth Town Hall to recognise residents who have made a big contribution in their communities.

Mayor of Lambeth, Cllr Christiana Valcarcel, said: “It’s a tremendous privilege to be able to honour these truly exceptional members of the community, and say thank you to them on behalf of the borough’s residents.

“Their tireless commitment day in day out to improving their communities and helping others is humbling and hugely inspiring, and they should be rightly be proud of their awards.”

Jill Gregson was awarded after playing a number of key roles in the voluntary sector, including sitting on the committees of organisations such as the Voluntary and Community Sector Forum, Fentiman Road Residents Association and Friends of Vauxhall Park.

The life of local campaigner Julie Tatnell was celebrated after she passed away from cancer last year. Among her achievements was helping to save the Landsdowne Green community hall.

Jacqui Thomson was awarded for her work with a variety of community projects, including youth clubs for people and adults with special educational needs.

Pastor Mimi Asher’s award recognised her work helping young people stay out of gangs in her neighbourhood around the Myatts Field Estate.

An award went to Hippolyte Grigg after he set up the pan-Lambeth Sanctuary Club, a social club for young people who may have had a drink or drug addiction problem. He also devotes his time to a homeless charity.

John Price was recognised for his work improving the area of West Norwood through various art projects.

Ming Tung’s award recognised his work for protecting the neighbourhood to the south of Streatham Common with his Streatham Common Environmental Co-operative.


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