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Royal Academy of Music student Scarlet raising money for fees

A student who has always dreamed of starring in a West End musical is trying to earn money for her education by starring on the Southborough stage where she made her theatrical debut.

22-year-old Meghan Rayner hopes that a one-night show at the Royal Victoria Hall will help pay her £12,000 tuition fees. She first danced on the stage at the venue as a 6-year-old in a production of Snow White.

Meghan is currently working three jobs to pay for her tuition and she hopes one day to make her name in the West End.

She said: “I have never thought about anything else and never imagined I would do anything else. Doing this course does not guarantee me anything but it does make it a little more possible.”

Meghan won a scholarship to Yew Tree Theatre School when she was a teenager. She continued: “There is nothing like being on stage. The adrenalin rush you get before, during and after is the most incredible thing I have ever felt and I want that so badly. I can’t imagine feeling the same way about anything else.”

She is now planning on taking a postgraduate place at The Royal Academy of Music. She has performed in shows at the Trinity and Assembly Hall theatres, and wants to earn the £12,000 before the course because it will take up 70 hours a week.

She said: “Whatever happens I will have to take out a loan. I’m hoping doing this show will help pay towards some of the fees. It’s quite a gamble and I have no idea whether I am going to fill the place.”

The show will be performed with some of her friends and will feature 15 different acts including dance, comedy and even some magic.

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