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Tonbridge teen wears skirt she wore for first day at final exam

When she bought her daughter’s first school skirt in August 2006, Natalie Snuggs presumed that she would have to buy a few more skirts over the years for her daughter. But to everyone’s surprise, Ellie Snuggs sat her last GCSE in the same skirt she wore on her first day at school!

Mrs Snuggs, of Swanland Drive in Tonbridge said: “It is an M&S skirt and it has lasted all these years. She was sitting her last GCSE and she said ‘God mum it’s quite historic’. When she started school I did the typical mum thing – as we were incredibly skint it was a case of buying a bigger skirt and she was a little tubby. It fitted comfortably and as she grew she got skinnier as she got taller. And of course what the girls do now is roll them up to make them shorter – unlike my days at school wearing a long pinafore. I do remember her saying quite clearly as a little first year that she would never roll her skirt up like the older girls.”

16-year-old Ellie is now moving to St Gregory’s for sixth form, where a school uniform is not required. Despite years of wear, the skirt is still in pristine condition and is not going to be thrown or given away.

Ellie said: “It’s not worn out at all. If I needed to I could carry on wearing it for quite a while yet. Mum wants to keep it as a keepsake.”

Alessandra Niccolai who is a schoolwear buyer for Marks & Spencer’s said that she was not surprised the school skirt had lasted so many years.

She said: “Our school uniforms are made from high-quality fabric and rigorously tested to ensure high-quality garments that last. Many of our school skirts have a permanent pleat, so that the skirt keeps its shape wash after wash. The stormwear and stain defence finishes on many of our skirts also ensure that spills and stains wipe away.”

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