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Civic medal for 90-year-old

A 90-year-old resident is bursting with pride after being awarded Hillingdon’s first civic medal.

Connie Evans was described as a pillar of the community when she was the first person to be given the new honour during a surprise ceremony, which also marked her 90th birthday.

Connie said: “The secret was so well kept all participants should be working for MI5 or 6.

“To be the first person to receive the Civic Award Medal and scroll is a great honour. I shall wear the medal with pride.

“I now realise how much I am valued by my family, friends and the wider community.”

Connie has lived in Windsor Avenue, Hillingdon, since 1935, and has played an active role in her community. She was chairwoman of the Oak Farm Residents’ Association and is a member of the Older Persons’ Assembly, which offers advice to local people. She has campaigned against building on green belt land, parks and allotments sites in North Hillingdon and was active in the campaign to keep Mount Vernon open. She also served in the Auxiliary Territorial Service Royal Artillery during World War II.

Council Leader Ray Puddifoot said: “Connie is a truly inspirational woman who for decades has served this borough tirelessly and with a tremendous amount of passion – what Connie doesn’t know or remember isn’t worth knowing.

“Her tenacious attitude has led to many local improvements as well as her becoming someone others can turn to for advice and I hope this medal goes some way to showing our gratitude for all she has done.”

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