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Teacher wins praise for German passion

Samantha Webster, a German teacher at Watford Grammar School for Boys, has been shortlisted for a national award for her work making German lessons fun for her students.

The teacher, who lived in Austria for ten years, believes that fun is the key to learning a language and encourages all of her pupils to speak German at all times, regardless of their ability.

The award is sponsored by the German Embassy and aims to celebrate the post-war bond between Britain and Germany. It also encourages a greater understanding and appreciation of Germany’s culture.

Ms Webster explained: “The secret to teaching it is to make it fun and get them speaking it as much as possible to build their confidence. We also do role-plays to prepare them for future exchange trips, where we encourage host families to speak as little English as possible.

“German is a fascinating language that you can have a lot of fun with. It’s easier to learn than some other languages and the boys really enjoy it. It helps them to understand more about German history and culture and will help them in later life.”

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