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Musa Art and Music Cafe, Aberdeen

The Musa Art and Music Cafe, situated in the merchant quarter of the old part of the Scottish city of Aberdeen, has been attracting an increasing amount of attention from visitors to the area. As well as being a restaurant, Musa features live musicians and an art gallery. It is building a reputation for drawing on contemporary themes and experiences in all of its activities on offer.

Contemporary and Historic

The setting for the fusion of contemporary areas of city life, both gastronomic and artistic, takes place at Musa against a backdrop that features a nineteenth century church and, reflecting the nature of the merchant quarter of the city, a warehouse that was formerly used for ripening bananas.

The restaurant opens for lunch and dinner five nights a week, from Tuesday to Saturday, and can also be booked for private functions. The entertainment programme includes a range of live music as well as sessions with an ‘open mic’ philosophy, which opens the floor to potential newcomers. The cuisine is based on food from small producers and local suppliers. It leads strongly towards new interpretations of both international and Scottish dishes.

Reviews of Musa in Aberdeen have been very positive, with the quality and value drawing praise from a number of quarters. The Musa Art and Music Cafe has also been noted for its offering of microbrewery beers, which is in keeping with its culinary philosophy of an artisanal approach to food production and restaurant service.


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