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National Media Museum – Bradford

The National Media Museum contains over 3.5 million items of historical and cultural importance in the world of film, photography, television, animation and news media. Located in the centre of Bradford, the museum is a celebration of cinema, television and photography and has seven permanent galleries, many with interactive features. There are also two regularly changing exhibition spaces.

The museum draws from the National Photography, Cinematography, Television and New Media Collections its key exhibits include the world’s earliest known surviving negative, the earliest television footage and the camera used to make the first moving pictures in the UK. There is more than history on offer too; the museum operates a three-screen cinema with a full programme of films. Perhaps most famously, it is also the site of the first IMAX theatre in the UK to be dedicated to 3D films. Well over half a million people visit the museum every year.

The permanent exhibitions include the Ray Harryhausen Display, dedicated to the animator of the same name; the Kodak Gallery documenting the history of popular photography; Experience TV and TV Heaven, focussing on the growth of television and the Animation Gallery, featuring models and artwork from over a hundred animated features. The museum hosts three annual film festivals and is an important centre for educational and cultural events, as well as being home to the BBC in Bradford.

Admission to the National Media Museum is free; it is open from 10am to 6pm Tuesday to Sunday and selected Mondays; the cinemas are also open in the evening. Along with Sydney, Bradford is designated a UNESCO City of Film.

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