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Teenager takes up running for charity

A teenager who hates running will be one of the youngest people to take part in this year’s Brighton Marathon.

Charlotte-Elizabeth, 19, has surprised everyone who knows her by announcing she will be taking part in this year’s event on April 15.

The youngster, who normally steers clear of exercise, is so keen to raise money for her favourite charity that she has gone out and bought a pair of trainers and has started pounding the streets to get fit.

She will be raising money for The Whitehawk Inn, east Brighton, which is a community-led organisation providing information and advice about learning and work and a range of support activities for adults.

Charlotte-Elizabeth said: “The charity provides life-changing opportunities for those who might not otherwise have the same chances I had.

“I was fortunate to receive a very privileged education which has not only given me a tremendous start in life academically, but also large helpings of self-confidence and pride, all essential ingredients for a successful future.

“I believe everyone should have access to education and the chance to interact socially, it’s so important.”

She is being trained for the marathon by Olympic medallist trainer Adam Kann.

The Whitehawk Inn has been selected as one of six local charity partners for this year’s marathon.

The marathon attracts around 18,000 runners every year, as well as 100,000 spectators. Over 1,500 children also take part in the Grand Hotel Mini Mile, where they race the last mile of the route.


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