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Performance on BBC Radio by Dunstable Inventor

Local man Anthony Smith, most famous for his rubber band gun invention; the “Disintegrator”, as well as his spoof rap about Crystal Maze, recently appeared on BBC Radio Scotland.

The YouTube video about the Disintegrator, built in January 2008, has gained over a million views since being uploaded to the website. Smith has gone on to receive plenty of attention from the media, with two appearances on BBC show Friday Night With Jonathan Ross under his belt.

He said that the request to appear on BBC Radio Scotland came as a surprise: “I was surprised that even after a year the gun is still generating media interest”.
Smith, who was a guest on the MacAulay and Co morning show, demonstrated his invention as part of the discussion about the number of rubber bands being dropped on the streets by postal workers.

To show the presenters and audience just what his Disintegrator could do, Smith fired 288 rubber bands at a snare drum in 7 seconds, resulting in a unique and spectacular drum solo.

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