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Magician Michael Neto In World Title Bid

Michael Neto has come a long way since doing magic tricks as a way to meet girls as a teenager.

The 35-year-old Glaswegian magician is now set to compete in the competition of a lifetime, the World Championships of Magic which is taking place in Blackpool this July.

He is confident in his ability after winning the Scottish Close-up Championship for the fourth year running earlier in the month.

Michael said: “This is a dream come true. I’m feeling confident and delighted to be taking part but I know it’s not going to be easy.

“I used to use magic as an ice breaker with girls. It went quite well, I must say. It was something a bit different from the other guys.”

He no longer needs to use magic to woo the ladies anymore and has found happiness with his fiancé in Ayrshire.

He added: “Magic is everything for me. It allows me to express my ideas and communicate something to the audience.

“Magic has changed a lot. It’s not all dressing up and rabbits in hats.

“Close-up magic is something quite special. The visual magic is there but it’s more intimate. You can connect with the audience in a way that’s not possible on the stage.”

He will be premièring his championship routine at the Edinburgh International Festival and he will be using his wild hair as part of the act.

He said: “Without giving too much away, the act is called ‘The Scientist’ so the hair is part of the nutty professor image.

“I’ve had the help of Glasgow actors and directors to get the narrative and the character right. It should be something really original. That’s what I fight for in magic.”

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