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Half Marathon Sign Up Spurred Mum To Drop Four Dress Sizes

A new Mum from the South Side of Glasgow has dropped an amazing four dress sizes in five months after her sister signed her up for a half marathon.

30 year old Sarah Connolly has never run before and had just given birth to her second child Imogen when her sister Alison Steward revealed the surprise.

She had just 9 months to get ready for the Edinburgh half marathon. She hired a personal trainer and went from 13 stone 10lb to 10 stone 5lb by February after some hard work and intense training.

Sarah said: “Alison had done a few sponsored runs before so she was totally ready to try a half marathon but I hadn’t done anything.

“It was so daunting, the ­prospect of getting into ­training. I was so unfit. I had only given birth two months prior to Alison signing us up in September. But I knew there was no way of getting out of it after I was registered.

“We decided to run for Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of our mum Ethel, who died from ovarian cancer in 2001.

“We were both quite young at the time and it was really devastating. They moved her into a hospice, which was good, as it was more comfortable for her in the last stages.

“It was thinking about how brave my mum was that has got me up in the dark mornings to go training. It really gave me something to focus on.

“I know she will be proud of us both doing it together in memory of her.”

Sarah’s determination has meant that she has dropped four dress sizes. She has completely changed her eating habits and joined a running club to keep motivated.

Sisters Sarah and Alison have already raised £2000 for the charity. Sarah said: “I’m really glad my sister signed me up as it has really boosted my confidence and the baby fat is now all gone.

“I’m now a size 8 instead of a 16. A couple of my friends who have just given birth have said that I’m a real inspiration to them. I think they may sign up to do it next year.”

28 year old Alison, who lives in Aberdeen, said: “I’m really proud of Sarah. She’s done amazingly well. Mum would be really proud of her.”

If you would like to sponsor Sarah and Alison you can go to

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