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Fanelli’s restaurant offer pizza making classes

If you’ve ever fancied making your own authentic pizzas then Allan Brown’s class could be what you are looking for.

Allan, the head chef at Fanelli’s in Merchant Square in Glasgow is giving cooking lessons for anyone who wants to learn how to prepare the perfect pizza at home.

29 year old Allan, from Muirhead, said: “Cooking is such a simple thing, so why not do it in your own home on a Friday night?

“The key is the dough – the thinner, the better and in and out of the oven as quick as possible. It’s all about the crispiness.

“Pizza is about the base, not the toppings. If you fill it up too much, it cooks unevenly.”

The dough at the class is ready prepared so all the cookery students will need to do is roll it, add sauce and any their favourite toppings

Sarah Smith who lives in Glasgow’s West End said that her olives and anchovies topping was a bit too salty.

The 27-year-old lawyer said: “I’ve never thought of making my own pizza because I think of it as something you order take away or get in a pub.”

23 year old Victoria Cruikshank said that she will use her new-found skills to impress people.

The PhD research student at Glasgow Caledonian University said: “I’m a hopeless cook and my speciality is scrambled eggs. But this is much easier than I thought it would be.”

The classes at Fanelli’s run regularly and there are day time classes available for families. Visit for more information.

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