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Request for Hull’s Sheriff and High Steward roles to return

Her Majesty the Queen has been asked to revive two historic civic titles associated with Hull.

In 1973, the roles of Sheriff of Hull and the High Steward of the city were abolished when there was a shake up of the local government.

The Sheriff of Hull role was first established in 1449 by King Henry VI and the High Steward’s title was granted in 1598 by Queen Elizabeth I.

It is now hoped that both of the titles could be revived to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations this June.

The Queen is being asked to reinstate the titles in a Loyal Address that is being presented to her by the Lord Mayor Councillor Colin Inglis on behalf of the people of Hull.

He said: “The Diamond Jubilee is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Most people will remember no other monarch than Queen Elizabeth II.

“To mark the occasion for Hull, in the form of the city council, is asking Her Majesty to reinstate the offices of Sheriff of Hull and High Steward, both lost in the local government reorganisation of the early 1970s as a permanent memorial to the second-longest reign in British history.”

He continued: “The idea at the moment is for the Sheriff to manage the Lord Mayor’s annual charity appeal fund. It is quite a demanding job already but one that could be developed further.”

The High Steward’s role is used to represent Hull’s interests in Royal circles and in London society but now it is thought that the role will act as an ambassador for Hull.

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