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First home derby for Hull’s Angels Roller Dames

Hull’s Angels Roller Dames – or HARD have been preparing for their first roller derby in Hull.

The girls will take on the Bruising Banditas from Halifax at the Bonus Arena.

The roller derby will take place after a male head to head roller battle between Sheffield-based Inhuman League and Lincolnshire’s Rolling Thunder.

24 year old Betty Banzai, who is a founding member of HARD said: “We have played away a few times but this is the first derby in Hull and it is a bit scary.

“There are about 50 teams in the country at the moment but it is growing all the time and having bouts here means it is great for Hull as it is bringing other teams here to the city.

“It is something new and something different”

Lady G, 29, who is a member of the roller derby team added: “People are trying to get more women into sport and this is something for the girls, particularly if they are not girly girls. It is a great way to get fit and active.”

The roller derby bouts include teams of five racing around a specially-designed track on quad skates. On each team there is one jammer and four blockers. The aim of the game is for the jammer to complete as many laps as possible during the hour long bout. Each player is monitored by a referee and all of the referees skate alongside the action.

All of the skaters wear full protective gear, but injuries are not uncommon.

26 year old Knucklebuster Nat, of Driffield, has had whiplash twice. She said: “The nerves might kick in later but I am really excited and looking forward to it.”

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