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Wartime evacuees reunion

Members of a family, who were evacuated during the Second World War from Liverpool to Shropshire, have made an emotional journey back to the rural village where they once lived.

The three Devin brothers, John, Martin, and Nicholas, returned to Worthen 66 years after they first arrived there. They stayed in different houses in Shropshire between 1942 and 1945.

They also had the chance to meet up with local people who they went to school with at Worthen, which is on the Welsh border.

Martin, 80, said: “We were evacuated to Shropshire because of the severity of the bombing in Liverpool in the early years of the war.

“A whole group of us arrived in 1942 and were allocated to different families – myself, my two brothers, my two sisters, and two cousins.

“We were spread out around the village and I lived on a farm at Hampton Hall. It was a total change coming from the city where our house backed on to the Liverpool overhead railway.

“We lost touch with the people we stayed with in Shropshire from the day in 1945 when we left until the reunion.

“It was a marvellous experience and it was so funny going back there after 70 years.”


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