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Top award for brave PC

Met police officer Joanna Vigo-Mestres has been given a top award after working to train colleagues whilst undergoing gruelling cancer treatment.

PC Vigo-Mestres, 44, was given Met Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe’s Professionalism Whilst Overcoming Adversity award during the Excellence in Policing Awards.

She has to have blood transfusions every three months, after being diagnosed with a rare form of incurable cancer, but still manages to work full time teaching law and policing to recruits, specials and community support officers.

She said: “I have a great support network, a fantastic sergeant who sometimes orders me to have a rest and a great family.

“My son, Alex, who is 14, even juices my vegetables for me. I feel very privileged.

“I carry on because I really enjoy it; it is an example of the police family at its best, we get such a bad press these days it would be nice if something good was said for a change.

“If I did not work I would be bored out of my brain. You cannot sit at home saying woe is me, so I just carry on. I have told my doctors I am going to make it to my 70s.”

PC Vigo-Mestres was one of 28 officers to win an award. PC Gary Collins, 43, won Police Officer of the Year for his work as a ‘super-recogniser’ after identifying 185 riot suspects from CCTV images. PC Chris Dartnell, 24, was named Best Thief Taker after making 103 arrests last year.

Mr Hogan-Howe said: “When officers and staff do an outstanding job I want them to know how much it is valued.”

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