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Afflecks Palace

Afflecks Palace is known to a generation of Mancunians as a mecca for off-beat, unique and individual items.

Afflecks was re-launched in 1982 by James and Elaine Walsh who wanted to give independent entrepreneurs a place to start their careers. Their ethos still remains the same to this day.

They insisted on no long-term contracts and low rents which meant that Afflecks acted as a launchpad for many Manchester brands including Wayne Hemingway’s Red or Dead fashion label. Tom Bloxham of property firm Urban Splash started in the business world with a postcard stall.

Afflecks became famous during the ‘Madchester’ music scene of the 1990s. Shoppers came from across the region and country to buy music and vintage clothes. Times and fashions changed and Elaine (whose husband James sadly passed away) was ready to close Afflecks for good in 2008. In the end, landlords Bruntwood reached a deal and have taken over the management of the site.

The shopping mecca has been rebranded as ‘Afflecks’ and it has been very successful since its re-launch.

Although it is widely thought that Affleck’s is named after department store Affleck & Brown, it is now known that the original Affleck & Brown building is further along Oldham Street.

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