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Cupcakes for Clara started new range for boys

A hand-made stationery and paper dolls manufacturer that caters to ‘grumpy little girls’ is now launching a range especially for boys.

Online company Cupcakes for Clara was founded by 29 year old Laura Clempson who created products around the fictional character, Clara. The company sells Clara based paper dolls, stationery, finger puppets and sewing kits that children can use to make their own toys.

Now Laura is launching a new range based around Clara’s fictional friend Colin which is for boys. Laura, who has two children, came up with the idea for a ‘cheeky, bossy little redhead with a great need for attention’ called Clara when she was sketching six years ago.

Laura said: “I try and make most of my products and, where I can’t, I use British suppliers for everything else. The products have been really popular with both parents and their children and we now have a fan base.

“But I want to grow the range, so I’ve introduced Colin, who is obsessed with snails, so we’re going to have a snail range as well.”

Laura has been in talks with publishers about writing children’s books based on the characters: “I take inspiration from my three-year-old daughter and one-year-old son.

“Just watching them interact with each other has been amazing and allows me to create characters to which children can relate.”

Laura completed a degree in animation at Newport University and works freelance for puppet maker and animation producer Mackinnon & Saunders. The company design and construct characters for TV shows, including Bob the Builder and Postman Pat.

At last month’s Business North West Conference, Laura won a mentoring session with the Jo Fairley, co-founder of the Green & Black’s chocolate business

She said: “I want to take my business forward and grow successfully and me and Jo have already discussed a number of ideas.”

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