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University most haunted

Newport’s university has been named one of the country’s most haunted places to study.

The University of Wales has featured in a recent top ten list, compiled by the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

The university appears on the list alongside Oxford, Cambridge, Exeter, York, Royal Holloway, St Andrews, Brunel, Southampton and Durham.

The University of Wales’ Caerleon Campus is said to be haunted by matron Bertha Ramsey, also known as Big Bertha, who died after falling down the stairwell in 1962. The accident happened during the Christmas holidays and her body lay undiscovered for some time afterwards.

Spooky goings-on have been reported ever since at the building. Security staff have reported empty lifts moving up and down. Some believe this is Bertha’s ghost, who is unwilling to use the stairwell that caused her death.

Other people at the campus have reported feeling the presence of Bertha and seeing unexplained movements. All those who have made reports of the ghost said they felt she was a friendly ghost trying to continue her matronly duties at the site.

Helen Beddow, head of marketing at the university in Newport, said: “It’s nice to see Bertha continuing to promote the university. While her death in the 1960’s was very tragic, she clearly means no harm to the building’s modern inhabitants and is still as protective of the building as she was when she was alive.

“If anything, she adds some extra character and history to what is already a stunning place to live, study or work.”

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