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Second round for Ale festival

Pubs in Norwich have been signing up for the city’s second City of Ale Festival, which organisers hope will be even bigger and better this year.

A total of 21 pubs have already pledged to take part in the festival, which runs for ten days at the start of June.

The festival was first held last year to celebrate pubs and ale in the city. A total of 35 pubs and 35 breweries took part in the event and organisers hope this will rise to as many as 50 this year.

Dawn Leeder, co-chairman of Norwich City of Ale, said: “It’s very, very encouraging. It looks like pretty much all the pubs that took part last time will be taking part again and we’ve got three new ones and still more lined up.

“I would settle for 40, but we will certainly have more than we did last year, which will be a good thing. It’s been a very busy time for landlords at this time of year but we’ve had quite a flurry of forms coming back over the past two or three days.”

St Gregory’s Church, in Pottergate, will be a central hub for the festival. Events throughout the ten days will include A Barrel of Laughs stand-up comedy night, a pub quiz, a political debate and an auction.

Pubs will host live sports screenings and live music events during the festival and there will be barbecues, beer tastings and a chance for drinkers to chat to brewers.


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