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New bottle bank

A Ramsey shop has unveiled a new plastic bottle holder to celebrate the start of 2012’s Climate Week.

‘The Cage’ has the ability to hold up to 700 single-use plastic bottles and has been specifically designed to highlight the scale of the UK’s plastic bottle wastage.

The project is the brainchild of staff at Tesco in Neil Way, Ramsey who have been working with SodaStream to create ‘The Cage’. They hope that it will encourage the public to take positive action and start thinking about what they can do to combat climate change.

‘The Cage’ was unveiled by Lisa Duffy the mayor of Ramsey, environmental activist Tony Juniper and Tesco community champion Manager Sophie Lang.

The managing director of SodaStream UK, Fiona Hope, said: “Plastic bottle wastage is a hugely important issue to SodaStream, which is why we have been so excited about installing the ‘Cage’ at Tesco Ramsey’s zero carbon store.

“With the Ramsey store known to have a strong stance on encouraging people to be more environmentally friendly, as well as Tesco being a sponsor of Climate Week, it was the perfect location for the launch of the ‘Cage’.

“It is a great example of how we can all take action against climate change, one small step at a time. “

Tesco community champion, Sophie Lang, added: “Our Ramsey store is Tesco’s first zero-carbon store, and like SodaStream, we are dedicated to doing all we can for the environment, making the store the perfect home for SodaStream’s ‘Cage’.

“The installation brings to life just how many plastic bottles are discarded in the UK and we hope this will help to raise awareness of the little things our customers can do to make a difference.”

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