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A chair for tired shoppers

Tired shoppers are being given a much-needed sit down in a scheme to help people use Sutton town centre.

Shops in the town have signed up to a Sit Stop scheme, which offers a seat to anyone who is elderly, disabled, pregnant or just really needs a rest.

Shops taking part in the scheme so far include Starbucks, The Body Shop, Millets and Linen Direct. The aim is that people who need a seat will be offered one without any pressure on them to actually buy anything from the store.

The Sit Stop project has been organised by Sutton Council and Sutton’s Seniors Forum.

Cllr Jayne McCoy, executive member for planning, economic development and housing at Sutton Council, said: “We want Sutton’s shopping centres to be accessible to as many people as possible, and the Sit Stop scheme is a great way of making our high streets welcoming to everyone.

“Knowing that there will always be a chair available if you need to sit down may seem like a small thing, but it will make a big difference to a lot of residents.”

A Sit Stop logo is displayed in the window of all the businesses that are taking part in the scheme. Many of these have a designated chair on show, but members of the public are urged to ask staff for help if they need to.

It is hoped all the businesses in the town centre will eventually sign up to take part. The scheme will also be rolled out to other towns across the borough in the future.

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