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Sutton gets supernatural airing

A programme about the supernatural brought Sutton to the small screen once again.

An episode of Tony Robinson’s new series Gods and Monsters was filmed in Bawtree House, a former old people’s home in Worcester Road, and aired on December 10.

The series, which is being hosted by the star of Blackadder and Time Team, looks at our ancestors’ paranormal explanations for death and disease, including fairy abductions, sickness-spreading elves and cannibal cures.

The episode filmed in Sutton explored the weird and wonderful explanations people had for sickness hundreds of years before scientific explanations were developed.

Cllr Jayne McCoy, executive member for planning, economic development and housing at Sutton Council, said: “Sutton has played host to all sorts of scenes over the past few years, with Victorians, detectives and zombies all appearing on our streets, but disease-spreading elves are something that even we haven’t seen before.

“Whatever is being filmed here, it’s good news for our residents. Businesses and homeowners can earn money by renting out their properties to film crews, who also give shops a boost by spending money in the local area.

“This latest show confirms Sutton’s reputation as one of the most film-friendly boroughs in London, and we’ll continue working hard to attract production companies and boost the local economy.”

Other programmes to have been filmed in the borough in the past include BBC costume drama the Crimson Petal and the White, cult comedy PhoneShop and popular crime dramas Law and Order and The Bill.

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