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Royal Wedding Jelly Bean

Move over Wills, Kate’s edible face belongs to one lucky man from Taunton

Weeks before the Royal Wedding, 25 year old Wesley Hosie from Taunton, Somerset stumbled across an unusually blotchy Jelly Bean sweet, replicating a face showing extreme similarities to Kate Middleton.

Amazed by their findings, Wesley and girlfriend Jessica planned to sell the bean on eBay for around £500.

“Given that the Royal Wedding is such big news, we hope to make a few pounds out of it by selling it on the internet to a collector.”

Joint Managing Director Richard Cullen for the Jelly Bean Factory in Dublin stated – “All of our beans are handmade and this looks like one of our red speckled Mango beans, the natural speckles are unique to each and every jelly bean due to the handmade process.”

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