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Unlucky Derek continues his search for home near Taunton, Somerset

After spending more than half his life in care, and failing three times at finding a permanent home, Derek, a Staffordshire bull terrier cross collie is seeking a loving family to spend the rest of his years with. Derek has endured life in the West Hatch RSPCA branch in Taunton as well as the army, after his homeless carer gave him up to the RSPCA in March 2010.

Three times Derek has received housing hope, and all three times Derek has been let down. In May 2010, he was returned to the RSPCA branch in West Hatch, Taunton after 22 days of settling into his new home, because his owners were unable to cope with his “over-enthusiastic take on life”.

Staff at the West Hatch RSPCA branch in Taunton noticed his fine sense of smell, and referred him to the army. But, after army officers noticed his dislike for getting in and out of vehicles, he was returned back to West Hatch.

Convinced this would be third time lucky for Derek, he was taken by a family, only to be returned after 22 hours when he jumped into a pond and attempted to dry himself off on the family sofa.

RSPCA West Hatch, Taunton deputy manager Anita Clark is calling out to all dog lovers in the Taunton, Somerset region.

“Derek is fairly obedient, housetrained and now travels well – he is looking for an adult-only home where someone is around for most of the day as he suffers from separation anxiety.”

But Ms Clark, and the army officers aim to reassure dog lovers potentially interested in Derek that he has a lovely personality, if a bit nervous to begin with, and requires a lot of patience after a life of upheaval.

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