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Memorial plan for church

The local community in Stanley are hoping that they can maintain the memory of their local church with a garden if plans to demolish it go ahead.

The Wakefield Diocese is planning to bulldoze St Peter’s Church as it has been standing derelict for 11 years.

The church has been the victim of vandalism several times over the years and recently had its wooden seats, altar and lead water pipes stolen, which caused flooding.

More than 100 people from the community came to a public consultation to ask for a memorial for the landmark.

Jeremy Tipping from the Church Commissioners for England spoke at the meeting and said that he hoped that some parts of the church’s stonework could be used to create a memorial.

He added that there were no plans for homes to be built on the graves that are in the churchyard.

The residents were encouraged by Mr Tipping’s responses but asked if the community could be included in saving the church’s unique twin tower design.

George Parfitt, founder of stanleyhistoryonline.com, said: “We realise that the church is never going to be a church again – it’s a dangerous building that needs addressing. But it’s an important landmark and something should be retained to remember it by.”

A statement from the Wakefield Diocese said that any attempts to save the church have been thwarted due to the spiralling costs of the repairs. They added that it was a sad day for all involved.

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