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Residents sign up for swift project

The Great Exeter Swift Project, a joint project between Devon Wildlife Trust, Exeter City Council and the RSPB is gaining popularity with over 500 local residents joining the campaign.

The local volunteers have been helping the project that aims to secure a thriving population of the birds in the area. They have been making nest boxes, installing boxes at their homes, schools and businesses and responding to the project’s swift survey.

Since the project began, over 50 new nests have been made and a lot of them are located at schools in the city. The project organizers now want more local residents to get involved and start spotting swifts near them.

Emily Stallworthy, who is from the Devon Wildlife Trust, said: “Although adult swifts have been with us since early May rearing their families, July sees the return of juveniles who are looking for a nest to call their own. In their search for a nest people may see groups of swifts swooping low around buildings calling out to see if there are other swifts nesting nearby. These groups are called low flying screaming parties and they give us a good indication of where swifts prefer to nest.”

If you see a low-flying screaming party or a potential nest, contact the Devon Wildlife Trust on 01392 279244 or complete an online survey form at http://www.devonwildlifetrust.org/swifts.


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