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Queen given flowers from Tesco Express during Ilford visit

A boy scout who gave a bunch of flowers that he had bought from Tesco Express to the Queen said that he felt “startled” and “surprised”.

12 year old Jacob Coy was one of thousands who lined the streets of Ilford for the Queen’s visit.

Jacob said: “I am very surprised, I waited for over two hours for her get here but it was worth it.

“I have never seen her close up before only in pictures. I said ‘congratulations’ to her and gave her the flowers I had bought.”

As part of her Diamond Jubilee tour of the UK, the Queen and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh visited Valentines Park in Ilford and were welcomed by huge cheers from the crowds who were frantically waving their Union Jacks.

42 year old Hitesh Mody said: “Before I even saw her, the whole crowed was saying: ‘She’s wearing blue! She’s wearing blue!’ then I got to see her. It was incredible.”

51 year old Maria Kyriacos was also very excited to see a glimpse of the Queen. She said: “It was lovely, it was really exciting and she was dressed very well as always. Everyone was having fun – it really was a day to remember”

After they greeted the crowds, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh toured Valentines House with Redbridge Council leader Cllr Keith Prince.

13 year old Simran Kaur was chosen to present her painting to the Queen and said that she felt “stunned”: “It was very intense as she went round the marquee and when she came to us I was very scared.

“Before she arrived we were told to call her Your Majesty the first time and then Ma’am after that. She was very nice with us and it was very cool and calm.

“I feel amazed I just met the Queen and managed to get a picture with her.”

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