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£10,000 per year savings with new cathedral lights

St Magnus Cathedral has made a dramatic cost cut in its annual budget by getting a lighting upgrade.

New energy efficient LED lights have been installed both inside and outside the cathedral, replacing the old lamps which cost ten times more than the new bulbs.

The new bulbs have a life expectancy of around 15 years while the old lamps were only expected to last for 2 years. The low cost lighting will also reduce maintenance costs.

It has been estimated that the lighting upgrade will save £8,000 per year on power and more than £3,000 on servicing and maintenance costs.

Keith Foubister, OIC Inspection Manager, said: “Contractors replaced all the old light fittings to bring them up to date with the standards expected in such a magnificent and prestigious building.”

Tony Trickett, Chair of the Friends of the St Magnus Cathedral and Lord Lieutenant of Orkney, said: “We were pleased to have been able to fund the new interior and exterior lighting for the Cathedral – it’s a delight to see the Cathedral lit fully again.

Aside from the efficiency benefits, the project has meant that we’ve been able to replace many lights which have failed over the years and put something more suitable in place – you can really see the improvement the project has made.

“This follows the Friends taking over the funding of the Assistant Custodian from the Council after the post was threatened under OIC’s Tough Times Tough Choices programme, meaning the Cathedral would have had to close on one day a week.”

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