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Orkney Museum opens new exhibition

A new exhibition will be taking place at Orkney Museum to show Recent Drawings by Rik Hammond. The abstract collection of drawings is open to the interpretation of the viewers and aims to challenge people to use their imaginations.

Rik is originally from Hastings in East Sussex and studied Fine Art at the Falmouth School of Art and Design in Cornwall. He moved to Orkney in 2004, having previously lived in Hartlepool in the north east of England.

Rik is currently the Orkney World Heritage Site artist in residence but the drawings are not related to that project: “The work that I’ve chosen for the show here at the Orkney Museum is a brief snapshot of (mostly small-scale) drawings made between 2010 and 2012.

“I work in a variety of media, and in particular I draw extensively – commonly using fairly traditional materials such as paper, ink and pencil. My drawings are nearly always abstract and often automatic. I enjoy the immediacy and intimacy of working on paper. I rarely title drawings and I routinely work in series.

“I try to draw every day – often starting with a blank sheet of paper (loose or in a drawing book) and little, if any, specific direction in mind, perhaps just the type of pen or pencil I like the idea of starting with.

“For me drawing is an instinctive activity akin to the process of thinking. I tend to approach drawing in an experimental way, often treating it as an automatist exercise. I enjoy it when a drawing feels like it is beginning to direct its own route. Enquiry, chance and experiment tend to be the basis for the decisions I make whilst producing work – although recurring motifs, memories and shapes commonly emerge.”

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