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Museums intern enjoys both worlds

Mirella Arcidiacono, an Italian born archaeology graduate, has been given the chance to get fantastic experience as an intern at both the Pier Arts Centre and at the Orkney Museum. She will split her time evenly between the island’s largest museum and its highest profile gallery.

This fantastic opportunity was made possible by the Museums Galleries Scotland intern programme. The scheme has created 20 paid internships for 20 different museums and galleries in Scotland. 3,000 applications were sent for the internships.

The Chair of OIC’s Education and Leisure Committee, Councillor John Eccles, said: “We are pleased to be working with the Pier Arts centre to host an intern through this very popular scheme. It is a prime example of good joined-up working to develop the best possible case for funds to come to Orkney.”

OIC’s Arts, Museums and Heritage Service Manager, Clare Gee, said: “We’re delighted to have secured an intern through the scheme – for Mirella, it’s a valuable insight into two very different museums, and a really good learning opportunity. For the Council, it means a very valuable addition to the team and someone with a fresh perspective to help us develop new ideas and make some good progress on our various priorities, particularly in care and management of our collection.”

Director of the Pier Arts Centre, Neil Firth, added: “This is a wonderful opportunity for ourselves and the OIC Museums Services to continue our work together. Mirella is a welcome addition to our team, bringing a fresh insight to our work at the gallery. She has already shown great enthusiasm and commitment and will be a real asset to us during her year here in Orkney.”

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