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Top Brass Orkney pupils

Orkney’s young music scene is continuing to grow as three young brass players from the area have been chosen to join the National Children’s Orchestra of Scotland.

Trumpet player Matthew Anderson, who is a pupil at Kirkwall Grammar School, has been chosen for the fourth year in a row and he will be joined by Robert Norris on the French horn and Erina Brown on the trombone.

Now over a quarter of the orchestra’s brass section is from Orkney.

There are even more Orkney locals joining the orchestra as violin players Bea Watson and Amy Le-Mar secured places while Raqan Blance has been won the chance to join the training orchestra.

Three Orkney pupils will be enrolling at the Royal Scottish Conservatoire, formerly the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama to study music. Eric Linklater and James Watson will be studying traditional fiddle while Matthew Wilkinson will study oboe and composition.

Steven Heddle, the Vice-Chair of the Council’s Education and Leisure Services Committee , said: “These young musicians are just the latest in a long line of young people from Orkney who’ve achieved remarkable things in their field.

“This is a reflection of their own dedication and application, the quality and commitment of the Council’s instrumental service and music teams in schools – and of course of the very rich and supportive music scene in Orkney.

“I am sure with continued dedication these pupils are all destined to even greater achievements in the world of music in future.”

The National Children’s Orchestra of Scotland is an orchestra for young musicians aged between 8 and 14.


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