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Class starting by weight-loss mother

Catherine Powell, a mother of four who lost more than eight stone and dropped an amazing eight dress sizes in under a year, has decided to start her own slimming group so she can help other people reach their weight loss goals.

The Alsager, Cheshire local was a 19st seven and a half pounds and a size 28 in January 2011.

Catherine is 34 years old and who lives with her husband Rob and their four children: Matthew, 19, Jacob, 13, Tiffany, 10 and seven-year-old Caitlin. She now wears a size 12 after losing eight stone four and a half pounds in 11 months.

She said: “When I look back at pictures now, I think it’s quite scary, how did I let myself get like that? It was not great for my children, I was always tired.

“It got to the point where my health was really starting to suffer, if I left it any longer, it’s just going to get worse.

“Last January I was always tired, carrying around an extra eight stone. I would be always conscious of my size, but quickly make a joke at my own expense.”

Catherine is now trying to encourage other women who want to lose weight to make a New Year’s resolution to turn their life around without surgery, unhealthy crash diets or over exercising.

Catherine joined Slimming World on 18th January last year before she started her inspirational weight loss: “It’s very life-changing and has been fantastic. It really teaches life-style changes.”

“It’s very much eat well, everything in moderation, exercise more.”


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