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Gig for Special Care Baby Unit care

A gig and raffle for the Peterborough City Hospital’s Special Care Baby Unit have been arranged by the family who wanted to thank the unit for nursing their baby to health.

Staceman’s Charity Gig is taking place on the 21st of April at the Goodbarns Yard, in St Johns Street, Peterborough.

It is being organised by Stace Malton and his partner Alisha Williamson who are well known on Peterborough’s music scene.

Alisha’s two year old niece Aimee Chapman was born at 27 weeks and weighed just 2lbs and 3oz. She was so small that she had to stay in the Peterborough City Hospital’s Special Care Baby Unit for the first three months of her life.

Alisha said: “She was very tiny. She had to have blood transfusions and she was also oxygen dependent for more than a year after she was born.”

Aimee’s mother Nikki had to wait until she was four weeks old before she could hold her because her skin was so thin.

Alisha added: “It was pretty heart-breaking not being able to do cuddle your baby, I could not imagine what Nikki went through.”

The family wanted to raise money for the unit because of the “fantastic” treatment that they provided.

They hope that the money that they raise can also be used to help the hospital provide specialist care for women who give birth before they reach 26 weeks.

Nikki’s waters broke when she was 24 weeks and had to go to Sheffield for the specialist care that she needed until she reached 26 weeks. The distance from her home town was difficult for her and her family to deal with.

Alisha added: “Aimee has got chronic lung disease and mild cerebral palsy but you wouldn’t think it to see her now. She’s like a normal two-year-old. The unit have done a fantastic job. They deserve every penny that they get.”

If you would like to donate a raffle prize, buy a raffle ticket or make a donation then call Alisha on 07855 205476.

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