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Scholarships record for Shrewsbury school

Prestfelde Preparatory School, a prestigious Shropshire school is celebrating after achieving record-breaking results. Students from the school received the greatest number of scholarships in any one school year.

30 of the final year students at the school, which is based on London Road, have won scholarships and awards and nine students have been given top academic achievements.

The school educates 280 girls and boys between the ages of 3-13 and the school’s headmaster, Mark Groome, said that he is delighted with the results that the students have achieved. He believes that the excellent results are due to the outstanding commitment from staff and pupils

He said: “This is our most successful scholarship year in the 82-year history of Prestfelde. We are thrilled with our pupils. It’s an incredible time for us, with nine of the top academic scholarships from Shrewsbury School going to our students. They have worked extremely hard and truly deserve their accolades — they have bright futures ahead of them.

“However, 21 of their fellow pupils have also been given prestigious academic, music and sporting awards from some of the other leading schools in the county and beyond, proving what a talented all-round year group we have here.

“We congratulate every one of our Year 8 students on their achievements during their time here and wish them success at their new schools when they start in September.”

Pupil Tom Sykes received the Butler Scholarship while Dhado McCormack and Charles Wade were awarded Kennedy Scholarships. Moss Scholarships were given to Luke Lloyd-Jones and Benjamin Sansom and Alington Scholarships were awarded to Rory Champion, Thomas Dodd, Rhys Elliott-Williams and Louie Stewart.

Mr Groome believes that the results confirmed that Prestfelde School is one of the leading preparatory schools in Britain.

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