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Shropshire businesswoman makes money from moths

Most people dread moth holes, but a Shropshire businesswoman is welcoming them! This year’s warm spring has meant a big increase in moths which are known to cause havoc in wardrobes.

Kate Holbrook, a Shrewsbury entrepreneur is planning on capitalising on the boom and helping those who are suffering from moth-related crimes.

Ms Holbrook runs Turtle Doves, a company that turns unwanted sweaters into handmade fingerless mittens.

She said: “There are definitely more moths around this year and people are unfortunately finding that the creatures have been busy making holes in their beloved woollen garments.

“We are already getting more moth-eaten sweaters sent to us. It’s such a shame when this happens but all is not lost.

“I can transform it into several pairs of gloves and we give a discount to people who donate the garments. My business is growing and now sells all over the country but I am always in need of sweaters which have holes in them or have been shrunk in the wash.

“An infestation of moths may be a disaster for your wardrobe but hopefully I can come to the rescue and bring new life to the fabric.”

Turtle Doves also sells scarves, shawls, bags, jewellery and other accessories that have all been recycled from unwanted clothing. Visit www.turtle-doves.com for more information.


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