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Shropshire Alien

At Marche Studios you will find something out of this world! The quiet Shropshire village is home to metal artist Tony Peacock who creates steel statues including 7ft creatures from Alien, Predator and the Terminator.

It’s not just the villains that Tony has made, as he has also found time to sculpt some of the “good guys” including Wall-E, Robocop and Mickey Mouse.

He said: “You’ve got to have a good mixture and the last thing we want is for the kids all to be screaming when they come in when they see the aliens and stuff. There are quite a few characters I have been commissioned to do and there are others I have just produced. The 7ft alien would probably retail at about £3,000 and took about two weeks to create. They are all made from recycled steel, bits off cars and machines and some bits are partially fabricated.

“I have made lots of movie monsters and I have created quite a few of the Gremlins including Gizmo and Star Wars characters as well. I don’t think the burglars are going to come in and it’s a good deterrent instead of the bulldog.”

Tony has a workshop at Halfway House and works for Marche Studios. He worked as a fabricator for many years before he became a metal artist.

He has created many sculptures from small pieces to life-size statues. His amazing sculptures are available to view at Marche’s showroom at Ford, near Shrewsbury.


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